Cleaning and
Cottage Preparation

We specialize in preparing holiday cottages for new guests in between reservations.

Cleaning the Hallways

Trained Professional Team

Our team of dedicated, locals are all trained to provide superior cleaning.  They have all received COSSH and enhanced COVID 19 cleaning protocol training and will all have worked in our own properties under the supervision of our head housekeepers before they come to your property. 

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Products Included

We provide and use a range of high-quality cleaning products that meet COVID 19 enhanced cleaning standards.

Our cleaners all come with their own equipment.

Cleaning the Hallways

Linen and Laundry Options

We provide a high-quality linen hire service for all bedding and towels.  This is the most cost-efficient way to meet your linen needs.

However, if you do want to use your own bedding, we do have a preferred service that we use.  And, we are able to wash towels, tea towels and soft furnishings in-house.

Businessman holding briefcase, close up

Creating a Brief

We work with all clients in advance to make sure that we know exactly what you want our cleaners to do - and detailed briefing sheet is created for all cottages.

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Flexible Scheduling

We are able to provide cleaners on all days of the week and you can choose if you want to schedule them yourself or provide us with a link to your channel manager system and we'll do it for you.

Financial Report

Robust Reporting

Our cleaners complete a report for every cottage - so that you know if there are any problems, if guests have left anything behind and so that we can provide detailed invoicing.