A Flexible Approach to Cottage Cleaning 

We aim to give you both control and flexibility around your cleaning needs:

  • Easy access to qualified cleaners.

  • The opportunity to decide when you would like your cleaning to be carried out.

  • The chance to build relationships with two or three local cleaners by name.

  • Competitive pricing, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing the cleaners are all being paid above average salaries and benefits.

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Working for You

We know that everyone manages their holiday cottages differently, so we have a range of options for how you can work with us, depending on how much support you want. 

You can simply use our services as a way to find and schedule cleaners or you can ask us to manage your property for you. 

We have a comprehensive online booking system that gives you access to our team's schedule and allows you to choose who you want, when you want them.  Or you can let us do the work for you.

When you first sign-up, we'll build a package that meets your specific needs. 


You can choose if you want to schedule your own cleaners or you want us to do it for you. Our online booking system is quick and easy to use.


Again - you can do this yourself or ask us to do it for you.

If you are not going to be around, we'll ask you to fill in a briefing form so that our team knows exactly what's expected of them, and we can check up on the work afterwards. 


We really are flexible - you can choose if you want us to provide cleaning products, COVID 19 enhanced cleaning products, guest consumables, linen or other materials.   


If you are looking to be entirely hands-off and need someone to manage your property for you in its entirety - we can do this for you.  Please check-out our management page.


About Our Team

Our team comprises experienced housekeepers from the local area.  They have all received training from us on COVID 19 enhanced cleaning processes, COSSH training and they have been trained on how to present cottages for guests.

They upload their availability for work to the system at the beginning of each month so that when you make an appointment you will know they are available. 

We send out regular reminders to make sure they know where they need to be and when.  

For each assignment they will receive your briefing document so that they know what is expected of them. 

It's a friendly bunch, with years of experience between them and they all know the area well!


Fair Prices and Pay

Our focus is on reducing cottage cleaning costs while increasing the pay and benefits experienced by the people that do the very hard work for us. 

There is a three-hour minimum for all appointments - because we believe that even the smallest cottages need this amount of time to do a great job and to properly carry out enhanced COVID 19 cleaning.


Then our payment structure is simple:

Hourly Rate - Monday to Thursday = £12.50

Hourly Rate - Friday to Sunday: £14.50

(these rates are cleaner salary + holiday pay + employer tax and national insurance + other payroll benefits as required at different trigger points)

Plus a booking fee of £3 per appointment to cover our overhead costs.

 Number of Hours
Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday

3 Hours

4 Hours

5 Hours

6 Hours









Additional Costs

Depending on the services you need from us - we do have some additional costs for you to consider.  These costs are all stand-alone costs, rather than added into a change in hourly rates, as we think this is more transparent and allows you to make better business decisions;

Scheduling - (we will need access to your channel manager system) - £20 per month or £200 for the year (if paid in advance)

Housekeeping Check - (if you need us to go and check the properties after the cleaning has been done, but before your guest arrives) - £15 per visit

Cleaning Products - £4.00 per visit

COVID 19 Cleaning products - £4.00 per visit

Linen rental, guests consumables, welcome gifts - all Cost + 10% (the options are limitless and we do benefit from bulk ordering for many items, so please ask us)

Organising repairs and maintenance - £10 per event, plus costs of the tradesmen employed and any parts required.


Our Commitment to High  Standards

Quality cleaning is incredibly important for those of us that own holiday cottages because is can make or break our reviews.  We've all worked with cleaning companies that 'talk a good game' but actually don't deliver - particularly on COVID 19 enhanced cleaning processes - so we're doing many things to make sure that our team is able to deliver for you.

  • Before we start, you'll be asked to complete a comprehensive briefing sheet so that our cleaners know exactly what to do when they are with you.

  • We're training everyone on enhanced COVID 19 protocols, COSSH and preparing cottages for guests.

  • The whole team has worked for us, under the expert supervision of our head housekeeper, before they come to you.

  • Photos of your property will be taken after each clean so that you have proof of the property before a guest arrives.

  • You'll receive regular feedback if there is anything that needs to looked at in your property.

  • If you don't receive a 5 star review for the cleaning we want to know about it.