Property Management

If you want a little more than just our cleaning services, we can carry out a range of additional activities that will make managing your property a little easier.

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Scheduling Service

We can cut out the middle man, if that helps you, and schedule our cleaning team around your agent via a direct link from your booking agent.

You'll always be able to see what's going on via your dedicated, password-protected webpage, which contains your cottage brief and calendar. 


Guest Hot-Line and Problem-Solving

We have a dedicated, unbranded, guest help line that can be provided to your guests so that they always have someone to call.

If we need to send someone out - we will and you'll receive a note each time this happens.

Luxury Valet Service

Guest Relations

We're able to provide a range of guest services that will enhance your guest's stay.  These include sourcing welcome pack contents, developing house manuals, creating online recommendation guides, developing pre-arrival questionnaires, and delivering everything the guest requests to the cottage for their arrival. 


Property Maintenance

We have a number of tradesmen that we work with to organise emergency repairs, these include handymen, electricians, plumbers, joiners, heating engineers, pest control, and window cleaners. 


Beyond the Property

If you are looking for support beyond cleaning and the property - we are able to carry out gardening and hot tub services. 

If you require anything else - please ask us, we have a big talented team with a wide-range of experience. 

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Risk Assessments and Certifications

It's so important the holiday cottages are safe.  

We are trained to develop risk assessments so that you are meeting Health and Safety requirements.

We can also create and maintain certification records for key elements such as fire alarm tests, log burners annual check-ups, PAT testing, electricity etc. working with our professional partners to carry out check-ups when needed.